Matthew Marks Gallery

patterns in a chromatic field


Essay by Suzanne Hudson

74 pages
43 images
11½ inches × 9 inches; 29 × 23 cm
ISBN 9781880146811

With these seventeen paintings, published in this catalogue for the first time, Winters further develops his research into the optical and psychological capacities of oil paint. His layering of color and form echoes the abstracting processes of contemporary science and technology, allowing each canvas to open up new avenues of perception and physical experience.

As Suzanne Hudson explains in the essay, Winters’s paintings are “wholly intended works, based not upon pre-existing matrices or acompositional methods but on necessities that accumulate and progress as the painting is brought into being. He has referred to this route as collaborating with circumstance.”

Along with Hudson’s essay, the book features extensive illustrations, including full-scale details of the canvases, as well as photos of the works in progress at Winters’s studio.