June 2013

Scribner Releases New Editions of Anne Truitt’s Journals in Fall 2013

Scribner has announced that they will publish a new edition of Anne Truitt’s Daybook, a journal which she kept for seven years, recalling her childhood on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and her career transition from psychology to art, and recording her meditations on family life and her search for the proper expression of her unique artistic vision. The upcoming edition will feature a new introduction, written by the author and artist Audrey Niffenegger. First published in 1982, Daybook has long been beloved by artists and writers for its thoughtful examination of how to balance creative passion and the demands of daily life. Scribner is also preparing an ebook that contains the full texts of Daybook and the two volumes of Truitt’s journals that followed it, Turn (first published in 1986) and Prospect (first published in 1996), which continue the artist’s reflections on her work and surroundings as she enters new stages of life. Both Daybook and the ebook of Truitt’s three journals are scheduled can be ordered on Amazon and iTunes.