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Nan Goldin at the Louvre Museum

November 3, 2010 - January 31, 2011

Nan Goldin at the Louvre Museum

Scopophilia, a slideshow by Nan Goldin at the Louvre Museum.

For the past few years, Nan Goldin has been keeping a personal diary that is no doubt one of the most moving stories ever. Her slideshow of photographs captures the whirlwind of life: love, death, illness, but also celebration, the fragility of human relations, hope and despair. This new work created for the Louvre pairs her own photographs of faces and bodies with photographs she has taken of artworks in the museum.

Highly drawn to this world, Patrice Chéreau invited Nan Goldin to join his exploration of the “faces and bodies” of the Louvre and present her version in a new opus.

Patrice Chéreau is the Louvre’s guest of honor for 2010. His program entitled “Faces and Bodies”, comprised of exhibitions, theatre, dance, readings, music and film, is designed like a single work that could also be called “Patrice Chéreau at the Louvre”.

More information on the exhibition can be found here.

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Image: Nan Goldin, Swan-like embrace, Paris, 2010. Chromogenic print. 30 x 40 inches; 76 x 102 cm.