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Terry Winters


November 6 - December 24, 2004
523 W 24 Street
Opening Friday, November 5, 2004

Press Release

Matthew Marks is pleased to announce Terry Winters 1981-1986, the next exhibition at his gallery at 523 West 24th Street. This will be the first exhibition to focus exclusively on the artist's work from this seminal period.

In the early 1980s, Winters was among several young painters who arrived at a more painterly style in reaction to the minimalism and conceptualism of the 1970s. The work of these young artists all shared figurative references and visible brushwork, in dramatic contrast to the prevalent painting of the day.

This exhibition includes seven paintings and nineteen drawings by Terry Winters from public and private collections. A number of the works were shown in his first one-man exhibition at the Sonnabend Gallery in 1984.

Winters's work from this period employs organic forms in rich, earthy colors: cellular structures, seed pods, and other sensual shapes drawing on flora. His technical virtuosity and psychologically-loaded imagery resist easy identification, using these forms as building blocks drawn from the underpinnings of the natural world.

Free Union, one of the paintings in the exhibition, has been described as:

…one of Winters's most striking works from this period, irregular fan-shaped membranes floating like apparitions on a silvery, vaporous ground, where bits of rudimentary, cellular matter surface and dissolve. The feeling of genesis is unmistakable here: the filmy space of biological lowlife is where identity begins.
- Lisa Phillips, from Terry Winters, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York: 1991

Beginning in 1985-86, Winters begins to move away from flora and more towards fauna, the forms becoming more anthropomorphically sexualized. This is particularly evident in the fourteen Schema drawings from 1985-86 that will be exhibited. These works also introduce elements of brighter color, almost as if the cellular structures are working their way up the evolutionary ladder.

Terry Winters 1981-1986 will be accompanied by a publication reproducing a comprehensive selection of works from this period and will feature an essay by art historian and critic Richard Shiff.

This exhibition runs concurrently with two other shows of Terry Winters's work: one at the Addison Gallery of American Art focusing on Winters's paintings and drawings from 1994 through 2004, and the other at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery displaying the artist's recent drawings and lithographs.

Terry Winters 1981-1986 will be on view at the Matthew Marks Gallery, 523 West 24th Street (between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues) through December 24th, 2004. Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

For further information or reproductions please contact Sabrina Buell at 212-243-0200.

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