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Works from the rue des Grands-Augustins studio, 1937-47

April 29 - June 24, 1995
1018 Madison Avenue

Press Release

Matthew Marks is pleased to announce the exhibition Picasso: Works from the rue des Grands-Augustins Studio, 1939-47 at his Madison Avenue gallery.

The exhibition will include eight oil paintings and four large works on paper made in Picasso's studio at 7, rue des Grands-Augustins, a former fourteenth-century palace on Paris' left bank. Picasso moved into the studio in the spring of 1937 and worked there throughout the Second World War.

Picasso described the war years in Paris, under the German Occupation, when food and fuel were in short supply, as the "loneliest years in my life," yet it was a period of prodigious activity in his studio. The grisaille palette (grays, blacks and whites) that predominates in the exhibition is characteristic of much of Picasso's war-period work, beginning with Guernica, 1938 (Museo del Prado, Madrid) and including his World War II masterpiece, The Charmed House, completed in 1945 (Museum of Modern Art, New York), both painted at the rue des Grands-Augustins.

Included in the exhibition is the painting, Visage gris foncĂ© au chapeau blanc, an early depiction of Picasso's mistress Francoise Gilot, which shows a window in the upper left blackened out because of air raids; Nature morte avec tĂȘte de mort, one of a group of war-time still lives with his sculpture of death's head; a painting and a drawing of the owl he kept in his studio; and a drawing of the pigeons that would perch on his windowsill and which later, after the war, he transformed into the dove of peace.

The works in the exhibition are from the estate of the artist. With the exception of one painting, they have never left Paris before and are exhibited here for the first time.

A fully illustrated catalogue, Picasso: Works from the rue des Grands-Augustins Studio, 1939-1947, will accompany the exhibition. The 36-page publication includes fifteen color plates and a text by Richard Shone, associate editor of The Burlington Magazine.

Picasso: Works from the rue des Grands-Augustins Studio, 1939-1947, will be on view at the Matthew Marks Gallery at 1018 Madison Avenue, on the second floor, through 24 June 1995. Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 - 5:30pm. For more information or photographs please contact Matthew Marks at (212) 861-9455.

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