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Richmond Burton - Preview
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Richmond Burton

October 8 - November 30, 1991
1018 Madison Avenue

Press Release

Matthew Marks is pleased to announce his next exhibition will be new paintings by Richmond Burton. This will be the first one-man exhibition in New York of new paintings by Burton since 1988.

The exhibition will consist of approximately six large paintings executed over the past twelve months in which the artist's work has taken an enormous leap. Previously known for his black stripe paintings, called the Thought Plane series which pay homage to Frank Stella's early canvases, and his geometric abstractions painted in browns and ochres, Burton's new work is much looser and more painterly. In addition, Burton's color in the new paintings is now much more varied, ranging from vibrant pinks, yellows and blues to more somber grays and blacks.

While Burton's new paintings have become increasingly more sensual and colorful, they still retain a logic and internal structure which links them to his earlier work. The paintings included in this exhibition reflect the artists wide frame of reference and the new concerns in his work, which is perhaps indicated by the titles he has chosen. Three Voices comes from a poem by Adam Zagajewski, a Polish poet living in Paris who is a friend of the artist; Milkyway from Thomas Wright of Durham's 1750 Original Theory of the Universe; and Sounding which refers to the scientific device of measuring depth by making a sound.

For further information or photographs please contact Matthew Marks at (212) 861-9455.

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