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cover of Gary Hume: The Wonky Wheel pages 10-11 of Gary Hume: The Wonky Wheel pages 36-37 of Gary Hume: The Wonky Wheel
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Gary Hume

The Wonky Wheel

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Essay by Graham Bader

In Gary Hume: The Wonky Wheel, the British artist develops his unique take on the genre of history painting. With these nineteen paintings and three sculptures — all shown here for the first time — Hume unveils colorful abstractions rooted in contemporary conflict and the fragility of human life. History's progress is constant, Hume explains, but it is always wonky.

The book is illustrated with full-color photographs of the artworks, including a life-size detail of each painting and sculpture. In the essay, art historian Graham Bader traces the works' roots to the mortality of painting. As a bonus feature, the e-book includes a specially commissioned video interview in which Hume reflects on his creative process, on the wonky wheel of art, and on the images that trouble and inspire him.

Clothbound with dust jacket.
114 pages. 51 color images.

11 x 8 1/2 inches; 28 x 21.5 cm

ISBN: 978-1-880146-71-2

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