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Ellsworth Kelly


Out of print


Essay by Johanna Burton.

Twelve large-scale canvases and two sculptures Kelly made in 2007–08 are featured in this exhibition catalogue. In her essay Johanna Burton writes, "What Kelly is producing does not end at the edge . . . a shadow is thrown, but rather than demarcating the shape and space of the work more clearly, it works to utterly confuse what is being looked at: these are paintings that, in places, don't end or, perhaps, refuse to show how they begin. Rather than a perceptual fluke or an experiment in phenomenology, however, this is, I think, a part of the painting."

56 pages. 27 color plates. Essay illustrations.

10 3/4 x 13 inches; 23 x 33 cm

ISBN: 1-880146-51-7

This book is out of print.

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