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Ellsworth Kelly

Ellsworth Kelly Austin at the Blanton Museum of Art

The Blanton Museum of Art will acquire and construct Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin, a 73 x 60 foot stone building to be sited on the grounds of the Blanton at The University of Texas at Austin. The 2,715-square-foot stone building features luminous colored glass windows, a totemic wood sculpture, and fourteen black-and-white stone panels in marble, all by the artist. The work will become part of the Blanton’s permanent collection.

Ellsworth Kelly has gifted to the Blanton the design concept for the work, including the building, totem sculpture, interior panels, and colored glass windows. Austin is the only freestanding building he has ever designed. Featuring the first works the artist has ever made in stone, it also represents the first time Kelly has represented his color spectrum in glass and light.

For more information, please visit the Blanton Museum of Art's website.